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Academic excellence

Churchie aspires to make men who perform well in their academic pursuits. Churchie's learning philosophy embraces a culture of academic excellence and improvement. This culture creates a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning and gives high priority to building and maintaining positive and caring relationships between staff, students and parents.

At Churchie we are committed to providing the best personalised academic pathway that suits the needs of each individual student. We know that boys achieve academic success when they are given the opportunity to experience a challenging programme that empowers them to take responsibility for their learning. Such an environment, combined with our high expectations, is one in which boys can thrive.
Our learning is defined by knowing each and every boy. Each student's journey is mapped through academic profiling, whereby appropriate pathways are designed to meet the boy's individual needs. Churchie's learning environment is unique in that it respects the academic values of its founder and innovates through ground-breaking educational research.

This is evident in the development of innovative next generation learning spaces and partnerships with Australia's major universities. Grounded in this approach is our focus on developing each student's skills in the key areas of literacy and numeracy.
At Churchie we are committed to upholding our tenets, educating the whole person and maintaining a strong academic focus.

Such a premise is evident in the writings of our founder, Canon Morris, who believed boys needed a clear sense of what was right; honesty and integrity; clear parameters; perseverance and patience; and courage and courtesy.

His vision, as is ours, is for Churchie students to become confident, compassionate, educated young men; in his words, ‘a gift to Australia and its future'.

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