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'Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.'
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Churchie has a strong commitment to Service, both on campus and in the wider community. This commitment aims to strengthen every student's sense of responsibility, whilst fostering community interaction and the appreciation of cultural diversity. The benefits associated with participation in community service are well researched, citing psychological, social and cognitive advantages. An increase in positive feelings, greater communication and cooperative skills, and problem solving and critical thinking skills when dealing with exposure to challenging situations, are also transferrable to classroom learning situations.

Transactional service programme

Each year, students participate in transactional service programmes including doorknocks, walkathons, fundraising, gift giving and emergency relief efforts, for local, national and international causes. Students are also involved in transformational service initiatives including: overseas service workshops and tours to encourage awareness of disadvantaged communities; working with parents from the school community delivering Meals on Wheels to senior citizens; attending special needs schools; and participating in intensive activities such as the Sony Foundation Camp hosted at Churchie.

In the Prep School, boys participate in a series of activities held during Service Week, to raise funds for local and international charities, as well as to sponsor children overseas in association with World Vision.
Senior School boys undertake both Form and cohort service projects which are linked to learning opportunities connected with pastoral learning and Chapel.

All Year 9 students undertake a service activity as part of the Personal Leadership and Development Programme, affiliated to the internationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh's International Award programme. Students may choose from Tri-Service Cadets (Army, Navy and Air Force) or community service as their activity.

One of the projects presently undertaken by students is the development and re-vegetation of Bridgewater Creek, which is part of the Norman Creek Catchment area in Brisbane.
Each House also participates in a specific service project, generated by the students within that House, in consultation with the Director of Service and each Housemaster.