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Spiritual Awareness

We are a Christian school owned by the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane as well as a school of the Anglican Church of Australia. As an Anglican school we demonstrate our love for God by a life of service to others. At the heart of the school's traditions and ethos are the principles of social justice and self-discovery. Churchie encourages an open approach to religious study.
There are four chaplains who conduct regular chapel worship, with special services for day houses, boarders, year groups and other organisations in the Churchie community. The boys are encouraged to be actively involved in these services.
Preparation for baptism, Admission to Holy Communion and confirmation are offered at the appropriate stages in faith development. The chaplains are especially concerned that the pastoral care network effectively meets staff and student needs. Boys and their families can request a chaplain for counselling at any time.

The house system supports  the pastoral care programme and offers a sense of belonging to all boys. Old Boys are always welcome. Chaplains conduct regular weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Religious Education

Following in the footsteps of our founder, Canon Morris, and guided by our four tenets, religious education at Churchie aims to develop each boy’s spiritual awareness. The Anglican Church considers spiritual awareness to be a balance of scripture, reason, tradition and experience. Religious education, chapel service and other special services expose the boys to spirituality.

Archbishop's message to Anglican schools

Cathedral Choristers

The Cathedral Chorister programme offers an excellent opportunity for boys to explore and be a part of a longstanding tradition of choral music in the Anglican Church. The programme is a joint initiative of Churchie and St John's Cathedral, Brisbane. It is open to boys from Year 4 who show an interest in music and who wish to become members of the cathedral choristers. The choristers receive a scholarship which encompasses part-tuition fees, up to Year 8, as well as quality music tutoring. In return, Choristers commit to singing at cathedral services and other events representing the school and St John's Cathedral.