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University partnerships

Churchie boys hard at workChurchie's learning programmes are informed by researched practice in partnership with Australia's leading universities as outlined below.

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University of Melbourne

Churchie has secured an Australian Research Council Linkage grant that will evaluate Twenty-first Century Learning Environments. This innovative project will research which learning environments are the most appropriate for Twenty-first Century learning in a digital and knowledge age.

The focus will be on: the links between space and pedagogy; evaluating the effectiveness of differing classroom designs in improving student behaviours, engagement and learning outcomes and; evaluating the effectiveness of technology enhanced learning environments as students transitions into higher education.

Learn more about the research on learning environments through Churchie's Research Centre.

Queensland University of Technology

Churchie's QCS testing strategy and targeted intervention programme has been developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology. This ensures that deliberate teaching strategies are implemented to improve student understanding of the Core Curriculum Elements (CCEs) which are integral to advancing student learning in senior subjects.

Swinburne University of Technology

Churchie's long-standing and unique relationship with Swinburne University of Technology ensures that Churchie continues to lead in the area of adolescent Emotional Intelligence research and development. The school, in partnership with Swinburne has developed a highly respected process for assessing and reporting emotional intelligence (EI) development and growth in young people and continues to share research in this field with schools around the world. Find out more about Churchie's EI initiatives.