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Band Programme

Wind ensembles

The Year 5 immersion programme offers boys the chance to begin learning how to play a band instrument.

Churchie currently has one Prep School ensemble (Prep Band) and three Senior School wind ensembles (Concert Band, Jensen Wind Symphony and Morris Wind Symphony). These groups cater for the large number of students who learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. Each group is afforded a number of performing opportunities throughout the year including the annual Bands Concert and the Core Groups concert.

Morris Wind Symphony is the highest profile of the wind ensembles, often being invited to play at Churchie’s most public outings including Anzac Day and Speech Night.

Big bands

Churchie currently has three big bands that cater for a wide level of skills, from basic (Big Band 3) through to advanced (Big Band 1). There is a focus in the programme on developing improvisational and listening skills that are integral to the development of a good understanding of the jazz idiom.

Students must be in a core ensemble in order to apply for a position in a big band. It is also a requirement to have regular tuition in order to assist in the development of the Big Band. Churchie big bands have a number of annual events including Jazz Under the Stars on Main Oval and the Bands Concert, as well as additional invitations to play in the wider community.

Chamber ensembles

Churchie offers a wide variety of small and chamber ensembles that rehearse each week including string quartets, and various wind, percussion and contemporary ensembles. Each ensemble is afforded an opportunity to play throughout the year at various soirees, assemblies and wider community functions.