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Master Plan projects

As part of the Strategic Planning process undertaken in 2013, School Council developed a Master Plan which will deliver a range of new facilities over the coming years. These projects are linked and prioritised against the educational objectives set out in the school’s Strategic Plan.

The construction of The Centenary Library is a key element of the Master Plan however details and updates on a range of projects identified in the plan can be found below.

Be part of Churchie’s future. Today.

We invite you to invest in the spirit of Churchie by contributing to the Churchie Foundation. Your contribution will assist the school in providing the very best services and facilities for our young men so that they can strive to reach their full potential. For further information in how you can be part of Churchie's future go to the Churchie Foundation's section of this site. 
  • Centenary Library

    Be part of Churchie's future. Today.

    • Project overview

      Project overview


      The academic heart of the School

      The Centenary Library will become the academic heart of the School providing a technology-rich, world-class centre to assist our young men to reach their full potential. 
      “The building of the new Centenary Library will give Churchie a wonderful opportunity to enrich the lives of our boys by creating a truly world-class facility full of dynamic, collaborative and open spaces for learning. The library will be a landmark building on our campus underpinning the School’s desire to remain one of Australia’s leading boys’ schools; emphasising our culture of innovation, creativity and learning.” 
      Daniel O’Connor
      Chairman, School Council
      Old Boy 1971 to 1978

      The opportunity to expand knowledge

      Dr Graham Bond, Vice-Captain of Churchie in 1954, a Rhodes Scholar in 1961 and a leading IT solutions engineer, believes access to learning resources is ever important, both for enjoyment and the opportunity to expand knowledge. 

      “It is essential to see facilities at Churchie keep pace with global developments in education and learning. A dynamic resource and learning centre is key to making established and emerging knowledge accessible to the current generation of Churchie students.” 

      A three times Olympic gymnast, Dr Bond spent many productive hours immersed in resources in the School library in 1953 whilst recovering from a(1954 sporting injury. He is convinced this assisted him in becoming Dux of the School in 1954. 

      Since his Churchie days, expanding knowledge through books and travel has been integral to his life and the life of his children.

      “In 1976 we drove with our three children from London to Bombay in just over five months. We had to carry our library with us: strictly five books each and five for the campervan. When we arrived in Isfahan, Iran, we discovered an English bookstore. You can imagine how eagerly we scanned the shelves and how we all managed to expand the five book limit!”

      “Each step in life becomes the basis of subsequent steps and the access to learning resources is ever important, both for enjoyment and the opportunity to expand knowledge.”

      Dr Graham Bond
      Churchie Old Boy (1954)



      Opening the door for generations to come

      The Centenary Library will stand on a parcel of land that has a long-standing and proud association with teaching and learning. The area, looking east on the gentle ridge off Oaklands Parade, was the site of the first two school classrooms, the Box constructed in 1920 and the Brick built in 1922. 

      Continuing this association, the new building will be the academic heart of Churchie and will support all students and teachers in their learning. Academically, it will move Churchie to the standards and expectations the 21st century demands of society. The plans for the project have been tabled. They are bold, contemporary and dynamic. 
      Designed to international standards, the state-of-the-art, four-level building will have the design and aesthetic appearance consistent with the architecture of buildings in the Churchie landscape and will complement the iconic Canon Jones Memorial Chapel and the nearby Donaldson House.

      The library's four levels

      The Centenary Library will comprise four levels and will make creative use of space and provide an extensive range of learning spaces to provide maximum flexibility so as to suit a range of individual learning styles.

      An open plaza entry which creates pedestrian connection between Oaklands Parade, the library, the Chapel and north towards Jackson, Magnus and Morris Hall.

      A 250 seat theatre will be located on Level One which will have break out capacity through to The Flat as well as more formal break areas within the theatre and surrounds itself. The theatre will act as a teaching space, a cohort/house group meeting area as well as venue suitable for guest presenters.

      Level One will also house a new archive facility for the storage and retention of items which are valuable in recording the history of the School. It will also act as the hub for management of historical displays throughout the School and ensuring accurate records are kept on the life of the school for historical purposes.

      Level Two will house a range of flexible learning areas suitable for full class sizes trough to individual learning and study areas. Level Two will be the place where student and staff are able to seek professional advice on resources, information and IT.

      Level Two will also be home to a café which will blend the social and formal learning spaces within CLI.  It leads to a deck which may act as a viewing platform for key events such as Anzac Day.

      The book collection will be housed on Level Three however this will be combined with extensive private and group study and learning areas, including a media centre.

      Student Services will be located on Level 4 which will bring together the Director of Service, Senior Chaplain, School Counsellor and student related services.

      Opportunities to give

      For generations, Churchie staff, parents, Old Boys, friends and students have embraced the spirit of philanthropy. They have all been united in nurturing the unique Churchie environment to enable current and future students to reach their full potential. 
      You can contribute to this milestone project via a one-off general donation or membership to the Foundation – which allows you to contribute funds through a long-term payment plan. 
      The Foundation Team can assist you with making a donation. Alternatively, you can donate online. Donations can also be made by cheque. All donations are fully tax deductible.
    • Plans and designs

      Plans and designs

      North Elevation

      North Elevation

      South Elevation

      South Elevation

      East Elevation

      East Elevation

      West Elevation

      West Elevation

  • 14 – 18 Oaklands Parade

    Home to the Churchie Shop and the Student Health and Wellness Centre.

    • Project overview

      Project overview


      Supporting students' health and wellbeing

      The new facility at 14 to 18 Oaklands Parade is open and ready for business. Home to the School’s Health and Wellness Centre, the Churchie Shop as well as the Property and Works Office, the building has been fully operational since Term 3, 2015. 
      The Health Centre is a high quality facility custom design for the delivery of ongoing health services to boarders in particular, but also to day boys. It includes treatment rooms and areas where boys who are ill or injured can rest and recover with medical supervision at hand. The facility also provides the opportunity for access to ancillary health services such as physiotherapy and sports medicine.
      The Churchie Shop also calls 14 to 18 Oaklands Parade home. The shop is professionally fitted out with improved display capabilities in a central location.
    • Plans and designs

      Plans and designs

      Landscaping Plan

      Landscaping Concept


      Proposed Plants