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Posted on 3 July 2018

Congratulations to the eight Churchie boys selected in the 2018 Queensland Music Festival's composing competition, ScoreIT! 

The finalists for the ScoreIT! Plus and Senior competitions were announced in early June, with eight Churchie boys on the list. 

ScoreIT! Plus is the advanced competition with William Ridgway (Year 12) announced as one of the five finalists whose composition will be judged by an expert panel of musicians and composers including Katie Noonan and Cameron Patrick (composer of blockbuster movies Spider-Man: Homecoming, Star Trek Into Darkness and Jurassic World).  

The ScoreIT! Senior competition sees Liam Burne-Johnston (Year 11), Aidan Campbell, Nicholas Hughes and Lucas Taylor (Year 12) as finalists. 

Churchie wishes these talented young men luck and looks forward to hearing their final compositions. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday 25 July 2018. 

Nicholas Hughes, Liam Burne-Johnston, Lucas Taylor, William Ridgway, Aidan Campbell