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Posted on 11 March 2016

Churchie is one of only three Queensland schools to achieve consecutive improvements in their NAPLAN results over the past two years. These improvements have been in Year 7 reading and Year 9 numeracy.

ACARA general manager Stanley Rabinowitz acknowledged the achievement, stating it was ‘not an easy hurdle’ for schools to improve results two years in a row (The Courier-Mail, 9 March 2016).

Headmaster Dr Alan Campbell highlighted the use of technology to monitor the improvement in student numeracy skills as well as the sustained promotion of reading and engagement of literary texts. Significantly, these areas are informed by detailed personalised learning to provide feedback in a positive learning culture.

‘Staff are well informed about the individual growth and improvement of each boy with academic performance. Academic performance and improvement is regularly acknowledged and celebrated,’ Dr Campbell said.

‘Parents are highly engaged in the process and are kept informed of their student growth through academic profiling of their son’s progress.’

‘The achievement reflects Churchie’s strong culture of academic improvement and excellence and teachers committed to this vision.’

‘The School is dedicated to continuing its focus on academic growth and providing a positive culture to openly celebrate academic success and improvement.’

Churchie was featured by Channel 7 on 9 March 2016. Watch the report below by clicking on the image.