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Graduates leading the world

Posted on 27 July 2016

Inspired by Churchie's outstanding academic programmes, Churchie graduates are finding their place in the world.

This year two Churchie graduates have been listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia for Healthcare and Science. Graduating in 2005, Andrew Lin co-founded CliniCloud, a company that has developed a device that turns your smart phone into a stethoscope or a thermometer.

Also listed is 2015 graduate Ivan Zelich, who co-created a theorem that has the potential to prove complex theorems about the universe.

Headmaster Dr Alan Campbell explains Churchie is excited by the global learning opportunities available to its young men as they focus on the national and international pathways that lie before them.

‘We are committed to providing the best personalised academic pathway that suits the needs of each individual student and we know that boys achieve academic success when they are given the opportunity to experience a challenging programme that empowers them to take responsibility for their learning,’ Dr Campbell explains.

In partnership with Swinburne University, Churchie also continues to be a world-leader in the field of education and Emotional Intelligence (EI). 

Con Stough, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at Swinburne University believes Churchie is one of the most advanced schools in the world in understanding and implementing EI programmes.

In partnership with Swinburne, Churchie has designed unique EI programmes for students across the School. From a school context, the university’s research has shown that EI is related to: academic success; well-being, depression, anxiety; coping; bullying, classroom disturbances; sporting performance; and leadership. 

The School’s relationship with Swinburne University has spanned close to a decade and Churchie’s EI programmes are providing students with the skills to better understand their emotions and appropriately express them in the right way at the right time. 

The link between EI and academic success was highlighted recently by the outstanding academic results achieved by Churchie’s 2015 Year 12 cohort, who were the first group to undertake the Year 10 Resilience Programme in 2013.

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